Will Zoo Creatures Be Stirring?

The star attraction at TXU Energy Presents Zoo Lights is well…the lights! Our animals will be enjoying a full night’s slumber. To see our animals, visit the Houston Zoo again during the day. You will encounter many animal-themed light displays, with glowing LED versions of your favorite Zoo animals.

Dining and Drinks

From a refreshing beverage to a full meal, we’ve got a variety of refreshments to choose from. Macaw Cafe will have dinner favorites such as burgers, pizza and chicken tenders, and Cypress Circle menu items include baked macaroni and cheese and Elf Treats, deep-fried Twinkies with fresh whipped cream. You can find a quick snack and drinks at carts and kiosks along the path, including make-your-own smores, Reindeer Treats (churro sundaes!) and craft beer.

Give the Gift of Grub

Want to help feed the Houston Zoo’s animals? Give the Gift of Grub this holiday season! By making a donation to the Gift of Grub campaign, you help the Zoo provide healthy and tasty meals to our thousands of animal residents. Plus, with TXU Energy matching every donation, up to $50,000 total, your gift could provide double the grub goodness for our animal family!

Have Your Holiday Party Here

The Zoo is a wonderful setting for parties, especially during TXU Energy Presents Zoo Lights. Find out more about hosting a holiday party at the Houston Zoo.

Recycle Your Holiday String Lights Here

Recycle your holiday string lights here and help save animals in the wild! Recycling keeps items out of landfills. Less space for landfills means more space for animals! A recycling bin is located at the Zoo’s main entrance. Only string lights will be accepted for recycling; please do not bring other items such as flood lights, extension cords or light hooks.

The Houston Zoo has recycled more than 7,486 pounds of holiday lights to date. This is nearly the same weight of a female Asian elephant!

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